November 20, 2013

To Talk, Or Not To Talk?

That should be the question but as it pertains to the Mets it's becoming a joke.

Alderson and co. have talked about quite a few free agents so far this off season including Drew, Peralta, Arroyo, Granderson, Choo, and the list goes on. The problem is they haven't actually spoken to any of them directly. Well, unless you count Robinson Cano.

So what gives? I think fans are scratching their heads for a few different reasons. One being, the first group of names seems to fit what the franchise is looking for from a need and budget perspective. The second being Cano who is seeking a ludicrous contract and Sandy said they already have their $100 million dollar player in the fold in Captain Wright. 

The last thing that probably has a lot of you baffled is why no contact with those that could be had? Do they think that these players are going reach out to the Mets who have had losing seasons year after year? Each of the players they have shown interest in reached the playoffs this season. There has to be a lot of selling involved in getting these players to want to be there and while money is a big factor winning is one also.

Pick up the phone Sandy, send a smoke signal, something...
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