November 27, 2013

Maybe Alderson Is The Architect Of The Mets Demise

I’m going to start with a disclaimer.  I’m not sticking up for anyone or making excuses.  This is more me playing devil’s advocate.  It’s gotten real cool the make fun of and rip apart the Wilpon’s.  I’m guilty of it.  You need a whipping boy when things aren’t going well.  Sandy gets a lot of flak too, but he doesn’t seem to draw the ire of fans like Fred and Jeff do.  I’ve been soaking it all in, and in thinking about it, I’ve come to the thought that maybe it’s not the Wilpons.

Let’s face it, the Mets did not pick Sandy Alderson, MLB did.  They picked him because he is smart and frugal and isn’t a free spender.  Sandy didn’t want the job.  Sandy took the job because his boss, Commissioner Selig, asked him too.  Don’t forget how close Selig and Fred Wilpon are.  

The Wilpon’s are businessmen.  They’re loaded and it’s because they’re good at their job.  They made a mistake investing with a conman, and are paying the price.  However, as businessmen, they understand you have to spend money in order to make money.  I would think at this point, they’d shell out the money if Sandy said it was worth it.  Sandy is not that guy though.  He’s not a risk taker.  The biggest signing he made when he was the GM of the Padres was Brian Giles.  Otherwise he did nothing in terms of bringing free agents there.  When he got to San Diego, he inherited a team with a payroll of $62.8 Million (17th in MLB).  The team overachieved and won a weak NL West division 2 years in a row.  They had just moved into a new stadium.  A new stadium + playoffs should equal revenue. Increased revenues should equal increased investments to your roster…right?  Wrong.  By 2009, the Padres payroll was $42.7 Million.  Good for 29th in the league.  

Sandy Alderson does not like to give long term commitments or to overvalue players.  Sandy thinks he is smarter than the game of baseball.  He didn’t come here with long term visions of winning.  He came here to stabilize the financial footing of an ownership desperate to hold on to their baseball team, and is backed by the commissioner.  And frankly I don’t think Sandy gives a shit if they win or lose.  You can tell in his interviews he’s fed up and doesn’t seem to care.  He’s likely going back to the MLB offices next year to take over for Selig when he retires.  Sandy probably is looking down the road and doesn’t want to have to deal with this situation again.  He can avoid it by saddling the Mets with long term contracts.  And once he leaves, it’s not his problem.  

I’m not saying the Wilpon’s are not responsible for this.  Up until this point, I think they were more of the problem.  I just think after 3 years of hearing the same song and dance from Sandy, that he may have more control over the Wilpon’s purse strings than they do.  I know I have said before to be patient until the meetings, and I still stand by that.  It just seems that all you hear out of Mets camp is who they won’t be spending money on instead of who they are trying to spend money on.

The above post is purely speculation not based on any facts at all.  Hit me up on twitter and tell me what you think @GetsThruBuckner


  1. I don't think they're loaded. At all. Not anymore.

  2. They got the Willets Point project. There's major money needed to develop that and even more money to be made.

  3. 1. You think Sandy Alderson doesn't care if the Mets win? He became the GM of a NY team and he doesn't care whether he fails or not? Patently ridiculous. On its face, its absurd--even without taking into account his comments. But he recently said the team will be better this year because he has to watch the team also! So I don't know how you can come to the conclusion you did about him. Even if you're playing "devil's advocate," it's nonsensical.

    2. Personally, I believe the Mets/SA/Wilpons are posturing in order to temper the demands of other teams/FAs. If FAs know they have bags of money this year, they will be asking for the moon. It's smart to counter outrageous demands. We'll see if I'm right about that by how much the payroll actually is next year.

    1. Good Afternoon,

      Is Anonymous your real name? It's not important, I was just wondering.

      Frankly, no GM cares about winning and losing as much as a fan does. Just doesn't happen. And if you truly believe no GM has ever operated with an agenda that didn't have winning at the top of the list, well, you're naive. He may have been brought in to cut costs and stay around/just under .500; it's feasible.

      As for your second point, perhaps you're right. Recent history tells me not likely, but it's not impossible.

    2. We're not talking about "any GM" who may be operating with an agenda of not winning. We're talking about the GM of the NY Mets. I stand by my comments on this issue.

      Also, remember: it's important for all of MLB to have a NY team do well. So Selig wants him to succeed as well. Not simply clean up the team's finances. Really, any financial guy could have done that. The Mets didn't need to spend gobs of money on a high-profile GM like SA--and all of his near-GM assistants just to pare down the payroll for a few years.

  4. 1. Wilpons arent broke they are extremely wealthy.
    2. Mets are broke and and bogged down by tremendous debt.

    If you believe what Alderson says that he has money to spend and he doesnt spend then ultimately the failure of this franchise falls on him.