November 14, 2013

Mets Meme Contest!

We here at Effing Mets are nothing if not fun. So much fun. To this end, we have decided to hold a Mets Meme Contest. Since this site is on the internet, I will assume most of you are aware of what a meme is. If you are not, please click here. Or here. Or just stay on the internet a few more minutes, and a meme will find it's way to you.

Anyway, the rules:

1. Mild profanity will be accepted.

2. You can submit multiple memes, as many times as you want.

That's about it. Probably didn't need to number them. Submissions can be tweeted to myself, @kmflemming, or Rob, @RobPatterson83. They can also be emailed,, with Mets Meme in the subject line. Now that you have my email, please don't go all Dolphins fans on me.

That's it, hope to see some good ones. The winner will get instant internet fame and 100,000 internet points. Shoot for humorous and timely, and let us know if you need a site to make the memes at. We can refer you to some free ones.

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