November 19, 2013

What (We Think) Was Discussed At The Wilpon/Jay-Z Dinner

As some of you may have heard, Sandy Alderson, Jeff Wilpon, and John Ricco met privately at a dinner with Jay-Z, who represents free agent Robinson Cano. Now, while we all effectively know the true meaning of the meeting, certainly they began with some small talk, dinner details, etc. It is that void, post-handshake but pre-business, where we will be speculating on the potential conversation.

1. Wilpon: "Mr. Z, before we begin our dinner, let me just say... Huge fan. Love your work. The Reasonable Doubt album, the rugged description of the hard knock life... it spoke to me. I lived that too."

2. Alderson: "Thanks for meeting with us. Separate checks? Separate checks. Waiter, I'll have a tap water and a side salad."

3. Jay-Z: "I must say, once I heard Sandy say no spending restrictions, I booked this dinner."

4. Wilpon: "So, to be clear, you aren't the guy married to Kim Kardashian?"

5. Alderson: "Nobody minds if I also order something to go, right? Right?"

6. Jay-Z: "Guys, stop asking for more bread. I'm paying. Just order something."

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