November 3, 2013

Daniel Murphy Needs To Be Traded

Am #IwithMurph28?  Sure I am.  I love Daniel Murphy.  I love his grit, his passion, his ability to be a table setter, and his love for the game.  I think he is a perfect piece to have on a contending club.  His production (13 HR, 78 RBI, 92 R, 23 SB) in 2013 was unmatched by nearly every 2B not named Cano or Pedroia.  However, if the Mets want to make a splash this off-season on trade market, Murphy must be part of the package.  It is clearly evident the Mets need power;  and while Murphy is valuable to the Mets, he is even more valuable to another club that has power to trade.  A package including Murphy and Rafael Montero is a great start to acquire the much needed power bat for the middle of the lineup.  Lets take a look at three teams that match up well in a deal involving Daniel Murphy:

Toronto Blue Jays:

The big name on the rumor mill north of the border is Jose Bautista.  The Mets and Blue Jays seem to match up well in a deal for Bautista.  The Jays need a second basemen and Murphy would be a perfect fit to pair up with his former double play partner in Jose Reyes.  The Jays are also starved for starting pitching so a possible pairing of Murphy, Montero, and maybe a Dillon Gee might get a deal done.

Chicago Cubs:

Starlin Castro is a name that is very interesting.  He struggled terribly in 2013 and has fallen much out of favor with Theo Epstein and CO. in the windy city.  Could a possible change of scenery resurrect a once promising career?  Though he is not the power bat the Mets may be looking for, he is certainly younger than Murphy and could develop the power the Mets may be looking for.  One positive of a possible deal for Castro is that he might not cost as much as a player such at Colorado's Troy Tulowitzki.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim:

Reports out of LA seem to be that the Angels are willing to move several players.  Most notably Mark Trumbo, Howie Kendrick, Peter Bourjos, and Eric Aybar among others.  Trumbo is obviously the name that will get the most play out of New York considering the Mets need for power.  It said to be though that the Angels seek pitching in return for any of their offensive players.  Could the same package offered above of Murphy, Montero, and Gee get a deal done for both Trumbo and Kendrick?  It is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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