November 19, 2013

Mets In On Cano?

I know what you're thinking.. This post is just an effort to generate Internet traffic. The Mets can't afford an ice cream cone, let alone the most expensive free agent on the market. Except the Mets actually did meet with Cano's representatives last night, to include Jay-Z.

That said, I'm just as certain as ever that Cano won't wear blue and orange any time soon. The team has stated they have little interest in a $100MM player, and Cano will command much more than that. If that isn't enough to spook the team's front office, a deal of at least seven years in length almost certainly will. 

The meeting is a head scratcher for me. While there is no harm on kicking the tires, there just doesn't seem to be any realistic possibility of a deal. I hope we get some more information, but more importantly I hope the teams fans don't let there imaginations run wild, only to be crushed when nothing comes to fruition. 

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