November 25, 2013

Mets Offseason Is Slipping Away

It seems a bit alarmist to say before the MLB Winter Meetings have even started, but the New York Mets' offseason of change is beginning to look like a bit of a flop.  With yesterday's news that shortstop Jhonny Peralta has signed in St. Louis, its becoming increasingly more difficult to see how Sandy Alderson is going to accomplish his goals this season.

Peralta represented the most logical choice, at the position Sandy Alderson himself said was his number one priority this winter.  By way of a four year deal worth $53 million dollars Peralta is now off the board.  As a result, Stephen Drew remains the only significant free agent shortstop remaining.  He however is by all accounts well out of the Mets price range.

So what happens now?

I suppose conventional wisdom might say that the inability to retain the services of a formidable shortstop leaves more money for other places.  The problem remains the organizations apparent unwillingness to "overpay".  The Mets have been linked to both Curtis Granderson and Nelson Cruz, but can you see Sandy Alderson cut deal worth more than $60 million dollars for either?  I'm not so sure I do...

Too old?  Too expensive? Too long?  We've heard all the excuses and we're getting mighty sick of them.  While is certainly too early to call this offseason a bust, the writing is on the wall that it will fall far short of even the most modest fan's expectations.  The Mets promised a roster renovation this winter, but it appears we might be in for more of the same.

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  1. I agree the off season is not looking good? Sandy has 22 million left to play with
    so before he waste anymore of it sign Granderson or Beltran or Nelson and use the remaining 6 or 7 million to get some bullpen help or a starting pitcher
    and find your SS from in house or a trade! Let Tejada, Tovar, and Flores compete for the job, yes I said Flores why not he played SS for years in the minors and even though the mets don't think he can play there at this point
    what do they have to lose? If they trade Murphy Flores, Tejada, and E Young
    can compete for 2nd base too! Flores would give the offense a big boost and even if his glove was average or below 75+ rbi's would make up for it!! Let your
    young pitchers like Montero and Mejia compete for the 4th and 5th spots instead of paying 4 million or so to a starting pitcher who won't cut it!! Use the
    remaining 6-7 million for your bullpen and bench! signing Granderson or ?
    would quiet down the fans at least for now!