November 4, 2013

Free Agency Begins

Free agency begins at 12AM tomorrow morning.  For the last several years we have been patiently waiting for the 2013 hot stove league to begin thanks to several million dollars coming off the teams $90 million payroll.  Promises have been made to a fan base that has suffered 5 years of nearly unwatchable baseball.  It's time for Sandy Alderson to show us all what we have been waiting for.

Today I was able to gage the thoughts and feelings of several Mets fans as the team held their annual "select-a-seat"upgrade for full season ticket holders.  The feeling I got from most fans I was able to engage in conversation with was the same.  SHOW ME SOMETHING!  Until something has been done, skepticism remains that the current ownership group and front office will actually spend money.  The fan base is frustrated and rightfully so.  It's not even a matter of signing good contracts anymore.  Fans simply just want to see a contract signed by a new effective free agent regardless of the cost, and to tell you the truth; I can't blame them.

This is the time.  It has never been better and more clearer.  The front office needs to do something.  And they need to do it right now!

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