November 13, 2013

Granderson's Price Is Rising

Yesterday's news that the Philadelphia Phillies signed former Met, Marlon Byrd, to a deal that could be worth as much as 3yrs/$24MM is both good news and bad news for Mets fans. The good news is that the Mets won't have the opportunity to see if lightning can strike twice, bringing the 35 year old back to Queens, coming off a career year poised to make more than ten times his 2013 salary. However, the bad news is that the Phillies just sent free agent prices soaring!

Marlon Byrd had a pretty good year in 2013, but he doesn't have the history to back up his offensive production like the Mets reported top outfield target, Curtis Granderson. If a 35 year old Byrd can earn $24MM over the next three seasons, you best believe Granderson will fetch more than the early estimates of $40MM to $45MM over a similar time frame predicted by baseball insiders. You can also kiss the notion of just a three year deal goodbye as well. 

With reports of fellow early thirties free agent outfielder, Nelson Cruz, seeking 5yrs/$75MM (a number he won't get), Granderson's price may reach an iffy area for the Mets front office.  Will they make a four or even five year commitment to an aging power hitter? Can they commit $15MM annuallyto the cause for that long?  They'll say he's over valued (which may be true), but his value will be determined by the market...a market that too a definite swing upwards yesterday.

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