November 13, 2013

The Mets Might Have But Then Didn't Get Close To A Deal

...with whomever, I guess. Headline would have been longer but I ran out of room.

This morning, Jeff Wilpon spoke to reporters, intimating that the Mets were close to making an announcement, presumably about acquiring a player.

"...It would be great to do that. Go talk to the agent that’s representing the player. Go talk to the other GM that’s representing the trade stuff. And if it works out, great, it works out. We’re open for business. 
“They’re trying to do something,” Wilpon said of his front office. “There’s, I’d say, 3, 4, 5 different balls in the air. And we’ll see which one lands first.”

Riveting. People were on the edge of their tweets waiting for a press conference announcing something. Anything, really. Re-signing LaTroy Hawkins, sending Atchison to the Smithsonian, almost anything would have made fans feel like progress was being made on some front.

Then, this lands.

Safe to say that strange facial expression was not a knowing wink.

So there you have it, the owner thinks they're about to sign someone, and the GM seems pretty surprised by this development. Clearly, Sandy and Jeff are not on the same page.

But the Mets organization is nothing if not sensitive to the fan base. So, to sate our thirst for news, they announced... 2014 promotions! And everyone was appeased! Save the angry mob frothing on Twitter, of course.

Listen, it's not new. Jeff Wilpon is an idiot. Same old song. But book your Huey Lewis & The News tickets now for Citi Field.

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