November 11, 2013

GM Meetings: Expect Rumors, Not Action

This morning marks the start of the GM Meetings in Orlando, FL. The general managers and owners from each organization come together in November each winter to talk baseball. What is supposed to spur talk about in-game issues suck as instant replay and collisions at the plate, will also lead to a variety of rumors about trade talks and free agent acquisitions. Expect just that though, a lot of talk. 

The Mets are expected to, at the very least, speak with player agent Scott Boras about the likes of Shin-Soo Choo and Stephen Drew. While I believe the Mets to be honestly interested in Choo, his price has nearly doubled (now asking for 7/$126MM) from the initial estimates we heard during the season. As a result, it's been widely reported the Mets will go elsewhere. I expect the same with Drew, who has a pretty comparable option in Jhonny Peralta, who will come at a discount. 

The Mets will also assess the trade value of their available options, such as Ike Davis, Rafael Montero and others. Whether these guys get traded by themselves or become part of a package, there will be no better time than this week to get the ball rolling, as every team will be present. 

It can be a frustrating week for fans who are desperate for the first proverbial domino to fall. While its not unheard of for a substantial deal to be reached this week, it remains unlikely. The Mets have a lot to accomplish this winter. That will require them to stretch their resources as far as possible. That process will begin this week in Orlando..with a whole lot of talking. 

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