November 8, 2013

Mets Poll Results: People We Trust More Than The Wilpons

Tuesday, we asked our readers a fairly simple, straightforward question: Are you confident the Mets will greatly improve this offseason? (We managed to not put an LOL at the end of the question.) The options for answering in the poll were pretty basic: yes they will, no they won't, or they'll try, but fail by acquiring the wrong players. The answers came back roughly as you'd expect.

So, taking into account the two paths that lead to failure, roughly 81% of those polled do not believe the Mets will find a way to improve the team greatly this offseason. That is, essentially, a 19% vote of confidence in the ownership and front office. Now, because I like to make fruitless comparisons between unrelated entities, I've looked up some other polls.

The honesty of lawyers is on par with a Mets confidence poll.

The company you keep.

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