November 4, 2013

Giancarlo Stanton Is Not Available

You'll have to excuse me while I have an "I told you so" moment.  All season Mets fans and some bloggers alike gushed over the notion that the Mets would acquire one of Giancarlo Stanton or Carlos Gonzalez this weekend.  A few weeks back Rockies owner, Dick Monfort, stated the Rockies were inclined to hold on to the young Gonzalez and now it was Marlins' general manager, Dan Jennings, that said Stanton was not on the market.

Moving Gonzalez makes much more sense than moving Stanton.  Both are amongst the brightest young outfielders in baseball, but Gonzalez already has an expensive contract.  Stanton who will be eligible for arbitration this winter, remains under team control relatively cheap for the next three seasons.  Simply put, there will be plenty of opportunities to trade Stanton if things go south, but now isn't the time.

One thing I will say is that unless the Marlins drastically turn things around in South Beach, Stanton will eventually be traded.  He is really really good and was the odd man left in when the Marlins traded what was essentially everyone last winter.  He wasn't happy then, and I would assume won't be happy long term in Miami.  When the time comes he'll be seeking a new, very expensive contract the Marlins will move him.  However that time isn't now and Mets fans will be left to pick of the pieces of their shattered pipe dreams.

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