November 19, 2013

Hawkins Heads West

Photo Courtesy of @Lets86It
Soon to be forty-one year old middle reliever and impromptu late season closer Latroy Hawkins signed with the Colorado Rockies yesterday in a move that sent a surprising ripple through the Mets fan base.  Hawkins deal nets him $2.25MM for 2014 where he'll assume the Rockies closer's role.  There is also a team option for 2015 that could see him remain with the club if things go well.  This is his second go around in Colorado where he was part of the 2007 team that made it to the World Series.

Fans took to the airwaves to condemn the Mets for not signing Hawkins, who by all accounts far exceeded expectations last year.  Reportedly the Mets had made Hawkins an offer, but it was well below that of the Rockies.

Look, I realize Hawkins was pretty good last season and I understand the need to have a veteran in the bullpen, but I am not about to hold the Mets hostage over their decision not to overpay for a reliever who will be forty-one next season.  Hawkins arm has been ageless, but with nineteen seasons under his belt he too will turn into a pumpkin one day.

Ultimately I think the uproar for Mets fans has more to do with the fact that they haven't signed anyone, than actually losing Hawkins.  Bullpens generally get overhauls on an annual basis and the Mets haven't been any different in recent years.  The Mets will need to bring in some arms to compete for spots this spring, but with youngsters like Vic Black and eventually Jack Leathersich, the Mets pen isn't in as bad a shape as everyone would like to think it is.

Good luck to Hawkins, as this deal was a no brainer for him.  I hope he does well and blows only a handful of saves this season..preferably against the Mets.

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