November 22, 2013

Mets In The Mix For Nelson Cruz

This was Ken Rosenthal's contribution to my morning.  Its good news, I suppose.  I certainly wouldn't want Chris Young to be the biggest addition to the outfield this winter.  That said, the notion of Nelson Cruz isn't quite what I was looking for when the offseason began.

Cruz ends up on the Mets radar in all likelihood because he will be a cheaper power hitter than Curtis Granderson.  His PEDs suspension last season aside, he has had some difficulty staying on the field over the length of his career, averaging out 120 games per season from 2009 to 2011.  He is however an upgrade in right field over what Marlon Byrd gave us last year.  If he's able to stay on the field, it would be safe to say that Cruz give you .260/30/90 potential, and immediately slots in behind David Wright in the lineup. 

I am curious about cost.  Cruz did receive a qualifying offer from the Texas Rangers, meaning the Mets would forfeit their second round pick next summer if they sign him.  This also means that he'll be looking for a deal with an annual value of between $12MM and $15MM.  It was reported earlier this winter that Cruz sought a five year deal worth more than $80MM, which was unanimously downplayed by insiders throughout the game.

The Mets need to make an impact addition in right field.  Cruz would fill that need.  Despite the fact that I would probably prefer Granderson, beggars can't be choosers.  I just want to see the Mets make responsible moves.  At the right number, Cruz would be just that.

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