November 26, 2013

Wright Thinks The Offseason Will Pick Up At The Winter Meetings

David Wright's "The Mets Are Mediocre At Best" media tour continued this afternoon when he appeared ESPN NY 98.7 Radio.  In what amounted to an identical interview to the one he had on WFAN 660 yesterday, Wright had the following to say:

- Sandy has some tricks up his sleeve for the Winter Meetings, when Wright believes the plan will start taking shape.
- Everyone knew the free agents prices would be high.
- Wright expects the team to be much better going into next season, so fans should "have faith".

The organization has been sucking the faith out of its fans for what amounts to the better part of a decade now.  Even those of us who still have some, don't have much.  With that said, the Mets have been more than vocal about their sticker shock this winter.  Perhaps, Wright should have let the front office in on the notion that prices would be sky high.

Finally, for what its worth, the MLB Winter Meetings will take place from December 9th thru the 12th in Orlando, FL.  This is usually when the offseason ramps up, however this winter has seen a slew of early action.  Perhaps Alderson does have a plan of actions, but I think its a better chance Wright is just hoping against hope that he wasn't swindled by the front office's presentation last winter when he reupped.

Wright remains a consummate professional, so it should come as no surprise that he said all the right things in these interviews.  However, I feel his pleas are falling on deaf ears with both the front office and the fans.

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