November 18, 2013

Can Mets Fans File A Grievance?

With the news that baby faced backup shortstop (at best), Ruben Tejada, may file a grievance over the Mets delaying his MLB service time, it got me thinking..How can we do something similar?

Personally, I couldn't care less when Tejada gets his walking papers. I suspect he'll be traded, cut or worse long before the end of the 2016 season, but Tejada seemingly wants to make sure he can get as far away from this sinking ship as quickly as possible. Eventually, he will..but we're not so lucky. 

Perhaps Mets fans can file a grievance that the Wilpon's are delaying their inevitable departure.  Or maybe we can file to have the team reduced to a minor league role since it would representative of the roster in recent years.  How about turning Citi Field into a chop shop when they renovate Willets Point.. You know, to keep up appearances. 

You get my point. Tejada may be right, but what does it matter. He's going to use the resources available to influence his situation. We have no such luck. The team sucks, ownership has just enough money to hold on for dear life and we'll be forced to ride out the storm..grievance or not.

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