November 20, 2013

Honest Thoughts On Ryan Braun

This afternoon on MetsBlog, Matt Cerrone cited anonymous sources who indicated that the Milwaukee Brewers would be more likely to trade Ryan Braun instead of Norichika Aoki in a deal that includes Ike Davis.  That's not to infer that anything is imminent or even likely, but the two teams have talked about Davis, and New York's largest hole looms in its outfield.

The notion of bringing Braun to Queens is almost hard to wrap our heads around, but I have to admit that on papers it makes sense.  First and foremost, Braun's previous transgressions have seen him fall out favor with the Brewers and their fans, so much so that Cerrone's sources speculate that the Brewers may be willing to pay a portion of the $113MM remaining on his contract.  Furthermore, Milwaukee is tying to find a place to plug in outfield prospect Khris Davis, who excelled in limited duty last season.  Finally, the Mets have what the Brewers have reportedly been seeking, a power hitting first baseman.

I'm not about to speculate on whether or not something could eventually come to fruition, because there would undoubtedly be other team's interested.  I'm not sure the Mets have/are willing to part with the prospect's necessary to make this deal happen.  That said, would Braun be a fit in Flushing?

I don't like Ryan Braun, the person.  I have never and will never criticize the decision of a major league player to take PEDs.  They have so much to gain that it is 100% worth the risk.  I do however take exception to players who are caught red-handed, as Braun was in 2011, who lie through their teeth and manipulate the system to get away with it.  There is a large contingent of baseball fans who will never forgive him for that.

With that said... I've also gone on record multiple times saying that I don't care much what players on my team do off the field (minus violence), as long as they're producing on it.  I want to see the Mets win.  The best players are not always the best people.  Its very hard to turn away from Braun's career stat line of .312/36/117 because he is a liar.  Further more, he is due to average only $16MM per season through the end of his deal (before the Brewers include money in the deal).  Finally, having just turned 30, Braun remains in his prime for several more seasons.

Again, I'm interested in acquiring baseball players, not altar boys.  I fully understand why some may be against it, but I don't fall into that group.  If the opportunity presents itself, Braun is exactly the type of power hitting corner outfielder that Sandy Alderson covets.  The only question remains what will it take?  Montero..Nimmo..more?  There are very few opportunities to claim a perennial all star in his prime.  If he becomes available, the Mets shouldn't even hesitate.

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