November 19, 2013

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself: My Name Is JJJOOOOOEEEE

Hello there!

Let me start off by saying, I am a HUGE Mets fan!  Like any Met fan, I have my opinions, likes and dislikes.  We are all judgmental of Alderson and the Wilpons, and we ALL have hope every year that the Mets will pull the trigger on a big deal, miraculously have a winning season, and all will be right in Queens.

But the harsh reality seems to be that our cross town rivals always have THAT luck.

I'm a Met watcher and a Mike Francesa listener. My other loves are the Devils, Nets (now that they have moved to Brooklyn) and the New York Football Giants.  I live and work in (upstate) New York.  I use parentheses on upstate because everyone seems to have a different view on what the word means.  My view is an hour north of NYC.

I used the subject line to this article not only to Introduce myself, but to also transition into what I believe is the biggest fluke in baseball thus far this off season... Cano and the METS..

From what I gather, Jay-Z called this meeting.  My belief is that this meeting was called for Jay-Z to introduce the Mets to his company.  He is opening himself up to future business transactions with the organization, which makes complete sense now that Scott Boras has pretty much degraded the Mets every chance he gets.  Do I think Cano was discussed?  Sure, but not to the extent that crazed fans want to believe.  This was the right thing to do, open up talks between Jay-Z and the Mets, for a long future of deals.  I'm totally down with that.  I don't want Cano on my team.  His lack of hustle and his inability to lead is not worth 300 million dollars.  Sorry.

In closing, I'm excited to contribute to this blog as much as I can.  If you wish to leave a comment, I encourage you to do so. Also, follow me on Twitter, @JJOOEEY

Thank you.

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  1. Welcome Rookie. While he may not be worth $300 million the Mets might be a better team if we had players that put up these numbers regardless of leadership and hustle.

    Cano batted .314/.383/.516 this season, earning his fourth consecutive All-Star bid and fourth consecutive Silver Slugger award. His fifth-place finish in the AL MVP voting marked his fifth consecutive season receiving votes for the award and fourth straight season of finishing sixth or better.

    Cano's 142 wRC+ dating back to 2010 is the fourth-highest in Major League Baseball, and his 25.4 fWAR in that time trails only Miguel Cabrera. In terms of more traditional numbers, he's averaged 107 RBIs and 98 runs scored per season over that same time. He hits for power, averaging 28 homers per season since 2009, and has hit below .300 just twice in his Major League career (including a .297 effort in his rookie season).