November 26, 2013

David Wright Is Going To Be Disappointed

Late yesterday afternoon, David Wright spoke with Mike Francesa about the current offseason and the future of Wright's career in general.  Wright explained to the Radio Pope that he remains expectant of a big winter and acknowledged that its been somewhat of a slow start.  Wright hopes to see the Mets add offense to compliment their already deep starting pitching.

You'll recall that a big part of the supposed reason he chose to sign an extension with the team last winter was a "plan" for improvement that would see the Mets turn into contenders.  However, he did say yesterday that he never really gave real thought to leaving the organization.  A bluff during a contract negotiations?!? Who would've thought...

In the long run, Wright said he greatest accomplishment was to be named Captain of the team.  Also, despite what has already been a fairly successful career, one in which Francesa himself said Wright could flirt with the Hall of Fame, he ultimately wants to be remembered as the leader of a winning team. 
Wright remains my favorite current player, but I fear he's going to find himself disappointed.  Empty aspirations and hollow promises from the team's front office may have painted a much rosier picture than the future actually holds and a get the impression Wright contract may eventually be cost restrictive to improvement as time goes on.  A lot will have to change for the Mets to be perennial winners during Wright's tenure, which currently has just seven years left on the clock.

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  1. Without an MVP or WS appearence the only thing he will have going for him is All Star games played. Will be tough to have a HoF chance.