November 8, 2013

Ike Davis Is On His Way Out

Photo Courtesy of @Lets86It
Joel Sherman of the New York Post shed some light on the Mets offseason plans citing anonymous (of course) sources within the organization.  One of the major parts of that plan will be the trade of much maligned first baseman, Ike Davis.

Per Sherman, the Mets are currently shopping Davis to other clubs around the league to determine his trade value.  Before you assume that he has none, don't forget that Davis was able to club 32 home runs just two years ago and there is a great deal of belief that he just needs a change of scenery.  He has value on the market for that reason, and that he remains relatively cheap via arbitration.

As Sherman notes, the Mets cannot afford for Ike Davis' plight to become a side show, as it did in 2013.  Lucas Duda may not be the long term answer, but he too has significant power potential and would be starting fresh at the position.  Davis on the other hand would be a third straight slow start from hearing the boo birds early and often.

For me, Davis is a pretty good representation of the era the Mets find themselves in.  He is a lot of failed potential.  He obviously can hit the ball a county mile and play pretty good defense, but he cannot make adjustments and showed a poor attitude on a multitude of occasions this past season.  He may very well go somewhere and hit 30 home runs, but I have to believe we won't see that kind of production from him in Queens.

Trade him while you can.  In a week free agent market he certainly has value.  The Mets need to renovate the roster.  This is another could place to start.

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  1. I'm fine with Duda getting a chance @ 1st. He at least deserves time at guaranteed comfortable position. Ive seen enough of Davis to last a lifetime.