October 30, 2013

Matt Garza. Why not?

I was reading a free agent profile over at mlbtraderumors.com in regards to Garza and it got me thinking. Why haven't we heard any chatter at this, or any other point about this guy?

The low down:

He will be 30 at the end of November. And for the 7th season in his career he has never had a combined ERA over 4.00 and the only other guy to do that is Tim Hudson (much older). He averages 93 mph on his fastball and his ground ball rate has really jumped in the last few years. He has played on a big stage winning 09 ALCS MVP during his time with the Rays.

The knock:

While having a season ERA of under 4.00 he struggled with Texas and his 4.38 ERA through 13 starts. He has a combined total of 259 innings since the start of the 2012 season due to various ailments so durability could be a thought when teams are putting together contract offers for him. He blasted the Cubs fan base last season which could be an issue in New York. And it sounds like his wife needs to put his twitter account on lock down when his emotions get the best of him.

Now where does this leave our Effing Mets? Well, this guy figures to get a 4 year contract with maybe an option. This could be too long and rich for Sandy. However, the GM has said they are looking for a veteran who can help anchor this young pitching staff and he could fit the bill. Plus, Garza isn't exactly old. He isn't tied to a draft pick so that is a non issue. Another plus is his success in the AL East which could transition well for those big games against the Braves and the Phillies.
For what its worth, my 14 year old son thinks his facial hair is pretty kick a$$
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