October 29, 2013

Angels Willing to Trade Bourjos, Trumbo for Pitching

From mlbtraderumors.com

The Angels' desire for young, controllable pitching is no secret, and ESPN's Buster Olney reports that they've indicated to other teams a willingness to trade center fielder Peter Bourjos or first baseman Mark Trumbo to acquire such talent

Both of these players could fill a void for the Mets. Personally I would stay away from Bourjos. While has has the speed and plays a decent outfield he doesn't have the durability.

Trumbo would be one that Sandy should take interest in. While his on base percentage is less than to be desired there is no overlooking his 95 homers in the past three seasons. He can play 1B or a corner outfield spot. When is the last time we had someone average 30 homers over a three year period? I'll give you one hint and he is playing in the world series for the Cardinals. Plus Mark is under control for three more seasons.

Now the Angels desire in return is young under control pitching. Ding, ding, ding Sandy! Let's see what we can get matched up here.

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