October 7, 2013

Byrd Remains The Word..Even In Pittsburgh

Photo Courtesy Of @Lets86It
I know some people check out at the end of the season if the Mets don't find their way into the playoffs.  On the off chance you're one of those people, you may still recall that the Pittsburgh Pirates haven't sniffed the post season since 1992.  You may also recall that the Mets sent Marlon Byrd to Pittsburgh in late August.  What you may not know is that the Pirates got everything they paid for..and then some.

All Byrd did since his arrival in the Iron City is bat .318 with three home runs and seventeen runs batted in..in just thirty games.  He played a big part in not only the Buccos first season above .500 in twenty-one years, but their first playoff appearance in just as long.

Since arriving to the post season, Byrd has batted just .273 over four games, but he has contributed an additional home run, four runs scored, and another five runs batted in.  In fact, Byrd has directly factored into eight of the Pirates nineteen runs scored since the post season began.  Good for Bryd, who was also nominated for NL Comeback Player of the Year this week.

If you decide to tune in, the Pirates, up two to one in the best of five series, continue their battle against the St. Louis Cardinals today at 3:07 pm.

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