October 8, 2013

The Beltran Pipe Dream

Let's get this out of the way before I get any further: I love Carlos Beltran. To this day, he remains one of my favorite players and is one of my favorite Mets of all time. So when I see Mike Puma from the NY Post tweeting about a possible return of Beltran to the Mets, my heart flutters and I want to shriek like a 12 year old girl (half kidding).

Photo courtesy of nj.com

Several days ago here on Effing Mets, all of the bloggers agreed that the Mets biggest need this offseason is power. Carlos Beltran can certainly provide punch to a lineup, but the main concern is the diminished returns as an outfielder in such a large ballpark. I could overlook that if we could get his bat in the lineup, but then again I am completely biased because of my continued love for him.

At any rate, Beltran's comments are coming from a man who will need a job next year. I don't know about you, but if I'm about to be unemployed I wouldn't go around saying that I'd turn down specific jobs. Of course he is going to keep open the possibility of a return, if only because he can still play and won't want to turn down a paycheck. My prediction (like a lot of others) is that Beltran links up with an AL team where he can DH and occasionally play right field. Let's face it, he probably has a better chance of winding up in the Bronx then back in Queens. And it pains me to say, but I'd still be one of his biggest fans.

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