October 18, 2013

Nobody Wants Wally Backman

You won't be shocked to learn that not a single organization has called on the Mets for permission to speak with Las Vegas 51s manager, Wally Backman.  Amazing, isn't it?  A manager known more for his YouTube exploits and arrest record than his coaching abilities doesn't have teams beating down the door to get to him.

This of course hasn't prevented an almost cult following of those who appreciate profanity filled tirades and 1986 nostalgia.  A group that was adamant that he replace embattled skipper, Terry Collins, this winter.  A group that was somehow surprised that Backman wasn't even considered for the gig before the front office extended Collins' contract last month.

As a result, it appears he will remain with the organization..the only one that will give him a chance. He may eventually make his way onto the major league coaching staff, but that time is not now.  As reported by ESPN's Adam Rubin, the Mets expect he will return to Las Vegas and continue to wait his turn in 2014.


Now to be honest, I've never watched a Las Vegas 51s game.  So I couldn't tell you what type of manager he is, but then again neither can most of you.  What I take away from this is the fact that Backman obviously doesn't have the value some Mets fans think he does.  I just hope that when he does warrant promotion to the big league staff (and he will), he doesn't immediately become the elephant in the room.  Until then..back to Vegas he goes.

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  1. I think Backman should be offered the batting coach position on the Mets. We really need a change there, and he may be the best bet to help the poor hitting.