October 23, 2013

PSA: Free Agents Aren't Free Agents Yet

The above tweet is not meant to mock or demean @Hey_its_Don.  I'm simply using it as an illustration of the fan base's reaction on Twitter to yesterday afternoon's news that Tim Lincecum had reupped with the Giants.  People briefly lost their minds that the Mets had been unable to acquire Lincecum, who decided to stay in San Francisco to the tune of $35 million dollars over the next two seasons.

Here's the thing... Lincecum wasn't a free agent yet folks.  No potential free agent can speak to or sign with another team until the week following the completion of the World Series.  Please store that nugget for future reference in case any one else on your radar for the Mets finds their way off the market.

Oh, and another piece of information that's worth noting.  Most free agents, especially those represented by Scott Boras (ie: Shin Soo Choo), sign prior to the winter meetings.  So lets try to maintain our sanity for the better part of the holiday season.

Carry on.

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