October 18, 2013

Trade Unlikely, But Murphy Is Available

Photo Courtesy of @Lets86It
ESPN's Adam Rubin wrote yesterday that the team appears destine to go the arbitration route with  the likes of Bobby Parnell, Dillon Gee and Daniel Murphy.  Each figures to be a key piece of the team going forward, but none need to be locked up long term just yet.  They are all under team control for at least another two seasons.

Rubin also cited a source within the organization who indicated that the Mets will listen to trade offers for Murphy, who will be 29 just after the start of next season.  Murphy is coming off a very strong year at the plate for a second baseman, batting .286 while having 188 hits, 13 home runs and 78 runs batted in.  A similar season in 2014 would see Murphy in line for quite a pay day next winter.  Unfortunately, his suitors may be limited elsewhere due to inconsistent defense at second.

Ultimately, as the source tells Rubin, all signs point to Murphy staying with the Mets.  The team has too many holes on its roster as it is to turn around and open another, unless Murphy become part of a trade package.  Then all bets are off.


I'm still not at high on Murphy as the #ImWith28 crowd, but he's earned everything his gotten with the Mets.  He has moved to second base because that's where the team needed him and although the transition hasn't been without its speed bumps, Murphy has settled into the position nicely.  He remains an ideal two hitter because he can work the count so well.  I respect what he's accomplished and hope to see him with the team going forward, but he isn't irreplaceable, so I'm happy to see the Mets are willing to improve if possible.

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