October 15, 2013

Yankees May Pursue Carlos Beltran

Photo by Michael Baron

No. No. No.

Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News is reporting that the Yankees and Carlos Beltran may both be interested in a deal that would bring the former Met, Cardinal, and Astro to the Bronx.

That's just disheartening.

There have been numerous blog posts and tweets touting the upside of bringing Beltran back to Flushing, but that was always a long, long shot at best. There were some extremely optimistic and hopeful fans (which is strange enough) that seemed to believe it was a possibility, but it wasn't. It remains to be seen where he will actually land, but I'll admit it will be more painful than almost anywhere else if I have to see him play in pinstripes.

As funny as all of the #BlameBeltran jokes are and as entertaining as people complaining about him striking out to Wainwright in 2006 is, he was the best centerfielder the Mets have had in my lifetime. He made everything look so easy in the field, and was a solid hitter with power in the middle of the lineup. I look back on his time here pretty fondly. The team came up short of what it should have accomplished, but I don't think much if any of that falls on Beltran's shoulders. Still, the Met fanbase seems pretty fixated on him, good or bad.

Also, are the folks over at the Daily News drinking at work? Because I drink at work, but I don't let it disrupt my job this much. Yikes. That's three typo/errors in one sub-heading.

I guess for the newspaper that employs Andy Martino, everything is a crapshoot.