October 15, 2013

Mets Offseason Slogans

Times were tough again this year for the New York Mets and their fans, but this offseason offers some reason for optimism. With that in mind, here are some offseason slogans the Effing Mets could adopt this winter:
Picture from @lets86it

1) Shop Til' You Drop

2) Push, Pull Or Drag It In


4) If You Build It, They Might Come

5) Next Year Still Isn't Now

6) Prevention, Recovery and the Rebuild

7) Hey, At Least We Beat The Phillies

8) Buyer Beware

9) Simply Texting "Mets" To 81575 Will Donate $10 To Improve Our Crappy Baseball Team

10) Now Hiring, No Experience Required

Remember, if we don't laugh about it we'll cry. I don't know if they get things sorted out or not this winter, but we'll be certain to keep our sense of humor about the New York Mess either way.

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