October 25, 2013

David Wright and the Golden Glove

It was announced earlier today that David Wright is one of three finalists to receive the National League's Gold Glove award for third base. The other finalists include Rockie rookie Nolan Arenado and the Dodger's Juan Uribe.

David hasn't won a Gold Glove since 2008, which was the second of back-to-back Gold Gloves (and his only two) that David won. Anybody who watched the Mets every day this year (all 8 of us) realized early on David was having a Gold Glove caliber year. He made 9 errors (career low), and had a field percentage of .973 (second only to his 2012 campaign). For those of you who, like me, enjoy the finer things in life, he had a UZR of 15.4, highest in the National League amongst third baseman.

The fact is, David should have won the award last year but didn't because, well I don't know exactly why. It was probably because he had a rough go in the 2 years after his last Gold Glove and reputation is gained quickly but lost slowly. However, this year he took it up another level. In addition, he had a very good offensive year, which always helps a players case.

Arenado is a rookie and will have his chances. I don't believe the voters will give it to him over David. Juan Uribe has never won the award, and in fact, hasn't been a full-time third baseman at any other time in his career.  All this points to David Wright receiving his, well deserved, third Gold Glove.

Eric Young, Jr. is also a finalist in the National League along with Starling Marte and Carlos Gonzales. I am not confident EY will win, but I am hopeful. He played a wonderful left field.

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