October 21, 2013


I was born in 1984. I became a Met fan in 1988 upon becoming a conscious human being. In 1987, the Mets began broadcasting their games on the radio station WFAN.  So...I have known no other station. In September it was reported that the Mets and the familiar confines of WFAN would be parting ways. This made me a bit sad as I would not hear the old jingle and the same voices that I had been hearing on all those summer vacation car rides and all those trips home from the baseball field. It was comfortable. It seemed the FAN never updated...and I like that.

With that said - it appears the Mets have found a new home. The Mets are closing in on a new deal with WOR 710 AM to be their radio home. This is a Clear Channel station (aren't they all?) and is affiliated with Z100,  and KTU, amongst others, to name a couple of stations in the tri-state area.

I think this is a good deal for the Mets. Aligning with a station that has links to some of the other more popular stations in the area can only do more to raise the profile of the organization and the players within in. Reportedly, the links to Z100 may also lead to more Citi Field concerts, such as Z100's annual Jingle-Ball concert series.

Additionally, and this would be a deal-breaker for me, it's reported that Howie Rose will follow the team to its new home. This is important as Howie has become as associated with the team, at least for me, as anyone has. I hope it will raise Howie's profile as well, as he is very deserving.

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