October 19, 2013

Effing Round Table: What Will The Mets 2014 Payroll be?

By all accounts, the Mets have between $50 and $55 million already committed to next season's payroll. You read the rumors of possible free agents and potential trades... What do you think the Mets 2014 payroll will be and why?

Tim O'Brien:
As much chatter as there is about this being THE off-season for the Mets...I don't think it will be...and I agree it shouldn't be.  I think the payroll will remain "low" in between the $80-90 mark with the additions coming mostly in the bullpen and role players. I think the big contracts being sought by so-so players this off-season, combined with the Mets real hopes (hopefully) being placed on 2015 will make for an off-season that is uneventful and fulfilling for most Mets fans...but not this one.

Jason Wilson:

$60 million. Why? Because they haven't spent in recent years so why should they now?

Bryan Damis:
I'm going to put it just shy of $100 million, in the 90-95 million range. This projection would allude to the fact I don't think the Mets will sign any free agents to large contracts. I can't sit here and believe that the Mets will make any kind of big splash in the offseason, despite all we have read about this being the year Sandy will actually be able to spend. Just because you are able to spend, doesn't mean you should make bad investments. A 90-95 million payroll will put the Mets in the middle of the pack in terms of spending (just like this year) and most likely in the standings as well (a slight improvement from the 2013 season).

Robert Patterson:
I expect payroll to fall in the $85 to $90 million range. I expect one significant free agent signing (think Choo), a veteran pitcher (think Arroyo), and they a decent upgrade at shortstop (think Peralta).
That's probably an added $25 million in payroll, maybe more. I then anticipate another round of low end one year deals (perhaps Byrd, Buck and Harang), which will clear the books for more adds next season. I would think the only way the teams payroll approaches $100 million next season is if the trade for a well compensated outfielder such as Carlos Gonzalez or Jose Bautista. 

Kieran Flemming

The payroll will probably fall around $80 million, and for no other reason than this is not the offseason to spend big. I believe the team does plan to and will bring in some serious talent, but the free agent class isn't good enough to throw all of the money out there at once. They may plan to make improvements this year, take the 2014 season to be more competitive/gauge the rest of their needs, and make a big push next winter. The only way I could see that changing is if they acquire a big bat in a trade, but I believe teams will be asking for more from the Mets strong farm system than they are willing to give up.

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