October 5, 2013

Why Matt Harvey's Surgery Decision Is Good News

Photo Courtesy of @Lets86It
Imagine your driving your car.. A really expensive sports car. You're riding along and your check engine light comes on. So, you head to the mechanic and you're told that you can fix it now, or you can fix it later.. But eventually your going to have to fix it and in the meantime your car's performance might suffer.

Is it a loose analogy? Sure.  However it's basically the circumstances surrounding Matt Harvey's right elbow. Fix it now and know what you're dealing with or decide to fix it later and roll the dice with the unknown. 

Do you recall the knot in your stomach the day the injury news broke? Well, Matt Harvey's decision to have surgery saved you from experiencing that again should he pitch through the injury and ultimately go down catastrophically. This is without question, the correct call. 

The Mets now know they will not have there ace in 2014, but they also know they will have him, full strength, in 2015 barring a setback. This affords the front office the privilege of not having to plan around unknowns. No back up plans. Not contingency protocols. Lets just get through 2014 until he's ready to go again

Lets also not forget that this is the best decision for Harvey as well. No one would want to watch Matt pitch at 90%, or even worse.. Watch him afraid to pitch 90% for fear of further injury. He's a gamer who looked invincible just months ago. When he took the mound, it was always something special. There is no need to have him be anything less than that. I'm glad he realizes that as well 

No player wants to go under the knife. It's always the last resort. However, when it provides the best possible outcome for everyone involved, it's a no brainer. So, get well Matt. We'll see you for opening day 2015. What a party that will be!

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