December 6, 2013

Granderson Is Only A Good Move, If Its Not The Last Move

Today's acquisition of Curtis Granderson is good news for the Mets and their fans on several fronts.  First and foremost, it should make the Mets a better baseball team.  Granderson will slot into right field and serve as what should be both an offensive and defensive upgrade from Marlon Bryd.  Almost as important, the signing of a quality free agent from the open market could indicate that the Mets are indeed back in business.

Granderson as a player is not without holes in his game.  There will undoubtedly come time when fans will grow tired of his strikeouts.  His overall batting average may also draw some criticism, and rightfully so.  However, he has the potential to launch upwards of 30 home runs at Citi Field and if he ends up being the clean-up hitter will provide much needed protection to David Wright in the lineup.  Furthermore, he may be part of the best defensive outfield in the National League are natural center fielders.  In the expansive confines of Citi Field, that is very important.

Those are all good things, but here's the rub.  The Mets have to keep moving forward.  If signing Granderson causes the Mets to be financially unable to make improvements in other areas, the deal is meaningless.  The Mets need a starting shortstop and another starting pitcher at minimum.  Will today's events prevent that from taking place?

I don't mean to insinuate that the Mets shouldn't have made the move today.  I'm simply saying that if they don't bring in the other pieces necessary to improve the team, whats the point?  Curtis Granderson is a damn good baseball player and although he may be on the downside of his prime years, he dramatically improves the lineup the Mets planned to field next summer.  He's a quality piece, but he's only one piece of the much larger puzzle I hope the Mets are still able to work out this winter. 

Remember, a baseball team is as good as the sum of its parts.  Curtis Granderson is only one part.  He is not the answer and will not make the Mets resemble anything close to a playoff contender by himself.  Those other parts are still on the market, via free agency or trade, and the Mets need to find them, and acquire them, or this deal is nothing more than a tease.

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