December 6, 2013

Did The Wilpons Get Their Swagger Back?

Every summer I go fishing with guys from work. Fishing doesn't really excite me.  I really go just to spend a day on the water and to get blind drunk.  I drop my line a few times, get nothing even close to a nibble, then eventually lose interest and start shotgunning beers. This past August though, I felt the pull on the pole, and I realed in a keeper.  It was the first fish I ever caught.  I felt good about myself.  I didn't win the prize for biggest fish, but I didn't care.  I went home, battered the son of a bitch and ate it.  I look forward to fishing next summer even more than usual.

I hope the Wilpons feel as good as I did that day.  Curtis Granderson isn't the biggest fish out there. (Don't start with the salmon jokes)  That fish went to Seattle, which is a fishing town so it's an approriate analogy.  But Granderson is a keeper.  Mets fans are going to enjoy him.  But this isn't about the fans, this is about the Wilpons. I really hope they see the good will this deal brought and take more steps to improve not only this team, but the morale of this fan base.  I don't know what it's like to have Wilpon money.  But I have to imagine it'd be fun to spend it if I did. They have to love how they feel right now. I hope right now they're having flashbacks of press conferences announcing players such as Pedro, Beltran, Delgado, Johan and Bay.  Despite what happened with Bay, I include him because they made the move. I bet all those press conferences were feel good moments.  I also bet they enjoyed all the tickets and jerseys and Shake Shack burgers they sold. 

I'm not going to say I want the Wilpons to go out and make moves just to make moves.  But I really hope they aren't satisfied with signing one player.  If Francesa was correct today, it seems they had to push Sandy to extend the deal to bring in Granderson.  I like that.  It makes me feel that despite the disconnect that they seem to have with the fans, that they are fed up and willing to do what they have to do to right the ship.  And I also hope it means that they remember what it's like to be owners of a big market baseball team, and they are going to act like it. 

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