December 3, 2013

Can Mets Strike In A Cooling Free Agent Market?

This winter's hot stove has seen moves early and often, with bloated contracts being handed out far and wide.  However in the past few days, there seems to have been a bit of a cool down.  No, not in the sense that no one is signing, but in the sense that the crazy contracts appear harder to find to include two potential Mets targets.

The day's news has been dominated by Curtis Granderson and the notion that the Mets could possibly sign him.  It started with news from NYDN writer Andy Martino, who stated that Granderson is seeking at least a three year deal, but could likely get more.  Mike Francesa said this afternoon that the Mets are willing to give Granderson three, but he wants more.  Its not surprising, and as I wrote this morning, a four year deal seems likely and at a respectable price the Mets shouldn't hesitate.  However, what price is respectible.  Multiple writers who I consider to be in the know have made mention to a four year deal at between $55 and $65 million.  Thats a far cry from the numbers approaching $80 million we heard once Marlon Byrd cashed in in Philadelphia last month.

Another interesting development is that there is little buzz around Stephen Drew.  It was once thought that Jhonny Peralta would wait for Drew to sign in order to set the market price for free agent short stops.  Now, with Peralta getting settled in with his 4 year/$53 million dollar deal in St. Louis, there seem to be some who question whether Drew can muster as much.  In fact, MetsBlog's Matt Cerrone cites an MLB market expert who predicts Drew will only get a deal of 3 years/$40 million dollars.  That's a far cry from Peralta, who was considered second fiddle to Drew when the winter started.

Things can certainly ramp back up again (assuming there is truth to Carlos Beltran's 3yr/$48M offer), but if they don't Sandy Alderson's decision to wait out the rush could eventually pay off.  Its crazy to speculate, but could the Mets be in the running for both?  Certainly things will have the fall into the place, but as things get more affordable heading into next week's winter meetings, may the Mets strike more than once in the coming weeks?  It wouldn't be the first time Alderson has surprised us.. for better or worse.

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