December 3, 2013

Four Years For Curtis Granderson?

With Fox's Ken Rosenthal breaking the news that the Sandy Alderson met with free agent outfielder Curtis Granderson on Sunday, the Mets fan base was immediately sent into a tizzy yesterday afternoon.  An offseason left for dead, was it possible that the Mets would suddenly land what many would consider to be the biggest power hitter on the free agent market?

Probably not, as Krister Ackert soon reported that no deal was imminent, but that's really not the issue at hand.  As shown above, Mike Puma reported last night that Curtis Granderson still seeks at four year deal.  So what do you think?  Would you issue a four year contract to player who will be thirty-three when he reports to spring training next year?

It all comes down to the price tag for me.  I wouldn't hesitate to give Granderson a four year deal, provided its within reason.  With the exception of 2013, during which he suffered two separate fractures upon being hit by pitches, Granderson has appeared in 136 games or more in every season since 2006.  His health has been sound.  He provides both some speed, and most importantly the potential to hit 30+ home runs. Remember.. as we've written here before, his power should translate well to Citi Field.

So whats the right number?  There are some rumblings that it will take 4 years and $60 million dollars to land Granderson.  That's a deal I'd make in a heartbeat.  I think that number ends up being low.  I suspect if he does sign for just four years, its more along the lines of $70 to $75 million.  That only scares me because I don't think that's a realm the Mets would dare to enter.  That's really what this comes down to.

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