December 13, 2013

Matt Harvey Is The Worst

James Devaney - Getty Images
Men do crazy things for love. We fight one another, buy expensive gifts and even travel to then ends of the earth. I've done crazy things for love...but I'm pretty certain I've never picked my wife's nose for her. The above photo was snapped at a recent New York Rangers game features Mets ace, Matt Harvey, digging for gold in foreign soils. Yuck!

The photo was also featured on last night's episode of Olbermann on ESPN, during his Worst People In The Sports World segment. Harvey took the crown, dubbed the worst for the day. Olbermann took a few playful jabs at the pitcher, who he admittedly likes, but lets face it..he is in fact picking his girlfriend's nose for her. Oh, and wearing whatever that is on his head...


  1. It annoys me that he's constantly at games with this broad. He doesn't have any male friends who enjoy hockey?

  2. Harvey went from being the scary stud throwng 98mph with a bloody being the pus picking his girlfriend's nose? *sigh* Don't be that guy Matt.. don't be that guy....

    1. It's too late. He's put the pussy on a pedestal