January 7, 2014

Updated: Duda And Tejada Will Head Back To Fat Camp

As it turns out, Lucas Duda and Ruben Tejada, two players who may find themselves with an everyday role on the 2014 Mets, will head back to Michigan in January for another session at nutrition and fitness camp.  Both have already spent about a month of their off season in the program, previously joined by Wilmer Flores.

Each was probably sent to the camp for separate reasons.  Lucas Duda, who is built like a lumberjack, could likely benefit from dropping a few pounds if he is to play a full season at first base.  Ruben Tejada on the other hand, was criticized last spring for entering spring training out of shape.  The Mets may rely on both players this season to fill full-time roles and hope they'll enter the season better prepared as a result of this extra work.


Updated: January 7th, 2014:
Per ESPN New York's Adam Rubin, both players will report for the start of the camp on January 13th.  Despite the underlying tone, since Tejada has been dubbed as lazy and Duda as overweight in the past, Sandy Alderson insists that there is nothing punitive about their participation.

Rubin also reported that they will be joined by minor leaguers Dominic Smith and Phillip Evans.  You may recall that Smith was the team's first round pick in the 2013 draft.  Evans was selected in the 15th round of the 2011 draft. 

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