January 25, 2014

More Effing Mind Games from the Mets Brass

I was reading an article over at MetsBlog about Ruben Tejada and the quote from Alderson in regards to his off season and fat camp was:

“He went up there in November and he’s back up there now,” Alderson said in Virginia on Friday. “It’s one of the reasons we have greater confidence that he can handle that position as a regular, so we’ll see.”

Seriously. Is Sandy a lunatic shrink on the side? The effing mind games he is playing with the fan base and more importantly the team has long been out of control. First they lost out on Peralta. Then they like Stephen Drew but not at market price. They can't make a trade for the likes of Jed Lowrie or anyone else for that matter. But hey, here we are now. "Tejeda's our man. We have greater confidence now that we sent his skinny of a rail frame to boot camp." Oh, and then there is this.

“We’re always looking to improve,” Alderson said. However, he added, “We will be happy going into spring training with Ruben penciled in as being our starting shortstop.”

So Ruben, if you are reading this, Sandy is happy with you as the starting shortstop. Unless of course he can trade for something else or Drew finally waves the white flag. I sure would (not) love it if that is how my boss handled me. 


  1. Mind games? You're kidding, right? They didn't feel what was out there was worth the price, so they changed course and decided to stay with what they had (Tejada). And they wisely prepared for that possibility by having Tejada work on improving.

    But you think all the Mets are doing is just playing mind games with the fans?

    1. Uh, yeah as a fan that is what it feels like. Too much back and forth. We want something else. Can't get it the way we want it. Now plan 2 is our guy and we are good with it and fully supportive of him. Ask Ike while you are at it. And if you think this organization doesn't play games with its players do a poll of players who have left recently and how they felt treated.

    2. I'm no SA-apologist, but I think he has to do what he feels is best for the club; and not worry if certain fans get their "sensitivities" hurt.

      It amazes me that some people think that if players hear they may be traded, it's like the "end of the world" for them. Come on, they're making a lot of money to play a child's game. If it affects them so much mentally that they can no longer play, then they aren't mentally tough enough to have on the team, anyway.

  2. I agree with most of your points. However, I follow quite a few other teams just for the sake of comparison. The Mets in my opinion are the loudest in their dissatisfaction with current players on the roster. And when i say that I mean how they were adamant about trading Ike or improving at SS only to not be able to do it and then say this is what we are going with. Yes, they get paid a truckload and should have thick skin but it doesn't improve their psyche. As a fan of 35 plus years they should do whatever they can to improve but have never seen the level of noise as to who they want out and for what.