January 7, 2014

Enough with the Mets Trading Ike Davis!

After a long holiday hiatus from Effing Mets you would think my first sentiments would be happy new year. But...I can't. I can't because I am really tired of this dead horse being beaten. Talk of trading Davis has been going on since the season ended.

The subject of trading Ike is rightfully so given they have a log jam at first but from the reports Sandy is swinging pretty deep for what he would like in return. Now mind you he isn't asking for a Beltran type trade that netted Wheeler but I really don't see how Ike has much value given his performance he had last year and what he is set to get paid. There is lots of talk about how he could have a Chris Davis type coming into his own with a change of scenery but I wouldn't expect that type of lightning to strike twice.

Do I think a change of baseball markets might benefit Ike? Yes. Do I want to see him go? Honestly, I do not. I like Ike and in no way think his woes have been for lack of effort. Maybe the hitting coach just isn't figuring out his issues and getting them across. If they can't trade him maybe it's time to reach out, find someone out there who has seen him and what his problems may be and bring them in as a special assistant for spring training. A fresh set of eyes never hurts.
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  1. I disagree on Ike. He has a hitch, and most hitting instructors say they are almost impossible to fix. I can't remember the names, but the Mets have had some players in the past with hitches, right handed hitters, and they didn't work out. It's a timing mechanism, and pitchers figure out what to throw to offset timing their pitches. This is why Ike is awful vs. breaking balls. I'd cut Ike, as the logjam needs to be broken. He's had his chances, and IMO, blew them.