January 29, 2014

Mets Offseason May Be Over

In addition to claiming themselves out of the Stephen Drew race, Sandy Alderson also told Anthony DiComo of MLB.com that the team is unlikely to issue another guaranteed deal this winter.  This likely signifies the end of an offseason with two keep positions still remaining on the team's shopping list: an upgrade at shortstop and a veteran relief pitcher.

Following an offer to Grant Balfour who ultimately signed with the Tampa Bay Rays, the Mets were attached to rumors for Fernando Rodney, however that option remains unlikely.  Instead Alderson told DiComo:

"We've got a lot of good young arms that we like -- they just don't have much experience. 
Acquiring someone with some experience would give us some comfort going into Spring 
Training, but we don't want to preclude some of our younger pitchers from getting a 
solid opportunity either. So if there's somebody there that we like, we'll pursue them. 
Otherwise, one of the ways we've approached starting pitching, for example, is to bring 
in a couple of guys on Minor League contracts and have them compete with some of our 
own internal candidates. We may do the same thing with the bullpen."

If he's true to his word, this would put the end to what was supposed to be an offseason of promise.  The Mets will have spent just over $87 million dollars this winter, but will have failed to address two of their biggest needs and are poised to enter the season with an opening day payroll of just $82.35 million.  None of this will sit well with fans, who were looking for much more heading into 2014.  The Mets appear to be only slightly better (depending who you ask) and will lean heavily on their upcoming youth next season.

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