January 30, 2014

Sandy Alderson Finally Describes "The Plan"

It Has Happened!!  For years now Mets fans have been left to wallow in self-pity as their team struggled to stabilize itself.  Sandy Alderson was brought in to fix things, but as the old adage goes: the more thing changed, the more they stayed the same.  Fans were left to ask.. What is the plan?  Is there a plan?  Well, during a Q&A with Penn University's student newspaper of all media outlets, Alderson finally discussed the plan he's been following since taking the helm:
"The last three years, the strategy I have tried to articulate is threefold: acquire talent and develop talent, create more payroll flexibility...and third, try to win as many games as you can without compromising one and two."
Much of this has been implied over the years.  Get younger, get cheaper.  Make sure players remain under team control.  Don't sacrifice the future for the present.  He has probably said all of this in bits and pieces over the years if you make a point to read between the lines, but this is the first time I can remember him laying it all out directly.

Alderson also believes that the organization has turned a corner with this plan, making references to the team finally spending money, taking the opportunity to point out that the Mets have spent the fifth most this winter.  He also referenced the young prospects, many of them believed to be difference makers, who are set to start contributing this season.

So if this has been the plan all along, despite whether you think its a good plan, I would have to guess that he's been fairly successful at sticking to it.  The Mets are younger, they are cheaper and for the most part they are under team control.  There have been some additions made, and the Mets may be ready to take a step forward, but I'm already prepared to ask what the next step in the plan is.  Will more money be spent next winter?  Are their trades to come?  Alderson's plan has gotten us this far, but the Mets are still far from being a force in the National League.  So what now?


  1. IF the Mets actually willing to take back payroll then if I'm Sandy Alderson I call Blue Jays. Blue Jays are trying to upgrade second base and rotation. They need payroll flexibility to go after starting pitcher and need more than one starter. So here is my Jose Reyes back to the Mets trade. Keep in mind that Reyes' contract doesn't look as bad as it did initially due to significant inflation of salaries due to new tv deals. Jonathan Niese, Jacob DeGrom, and Daniel Murphy for Jose Reyes and Aaron Sanchez. Mets would have to take on entire Reyes salary but in return Mets would get another potential ace that slots in being ready sometime next year and Mets get their leadoff hitter and shortstop. Blue Jays then have payroll flexibility to go out and either add another starter or add Stephen Drew who they like. Mets rotation would be a little weaker at beginning of the season but not appreciably so and I think Murphy would flat out rake with the Jays.

    1. That package wouldn't net you Sanchez by himself.

  2. Forgot to mention Jays have two first round protected picks this year because didn't sign first rounder last year so would be more willing to trade someone like Sanchez who is still at least a year away. I would also try to trade Duda to Rays for Mike Montgomery. Basically high risk high reward for both teams. Montgomery still has mechanical issues to address but still has stuff to be elite left handed starter and Duda in Tampa can relax and concentrate on hitting as DH.