January 25, 2014

Harvey Should Be Shut Down Until 2015

By now we've all heard about Matt Harvey's declaration that he would like to be out on the field pitching for the Mets come September. Speaking at the Boston Baseball Writers Dinner, he stressed his desire to get back to the big leagues as soon as possible, saying, ""I'd like right now...That's not possible. I'd like to shoot for being out there in September. Obviously I don't make those decisions. I can only prepare to the best of
my ability and make sure I'm in good strength and flexibility, and when they do let me go, I'm good to go."

As we all know, the only thing Matt Harvey loves more than playful back and forths with trolls on Twitter is pitching. And, normally, this is a good thing. However, we have to hope (and I believe they will) that the front office becomes the adult in the room and tells him that it's just not going to happen. Even if the Mets are in a pennant race, even if they've made the playoffs (ha), there is just no reason for Harvey to try to pitch this year. Too little upside to offset the potentially very large downside.

That said, there has been no indication that the Mets have any intent of seeing Harvey on the mound this season. It was speculation and mostly wishful thinking on his part, and probably is not worth dwelling on for too long. Frankly, this type of news story is still better than the type of Harvey news we were beginning to become accustomed to, with Qualcomm and Twitter still pretty large in our rearview mirrors.


  1. To unilaterally say "shut down Harvey until 2015" belies the rehabil9tation process and the experience of the medical staff. Neither you, nor I, nor Matt Harvey knows how the rehab process will play out so to make a statement like "just shut him down" makes no sense from the perspective of process. If he is able to pitch and has been cleared to do so by the medical staff in September then he should regardless of where the Mets are in the standings and the same holds true if he is not ready to take the mound physically, even if it means no playoffs in 2014. All I'm saying is to let the process play out before offering an uninformed judgement.

    1. Sorry, I get paid per uninformed judgement.

      Seriously though, no. This surgery has a pretty well defined timeline of rehab and recovery, and to try to jump beyond that timeline in terms of speed to throw 35 innings this September just to enter the offseason is a silly notion. Harvey's sheer force of will is not going to heal his arm any faster. So yes, shut him down until 2015. There is little to nothing to gain besides three or four meaningless starts where he will be held to five innings anyway.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. What if they let him throw an inning of relief on each of his throw days?

    1. Very common. Teams do that a lot. They were also thinking of using him in the outfield on days he was scheduled for long toss.

      Bullpen throwing and game throwing are similar but not the same. Loading up for a big pitch or the stress and strain of getting through a bad inning are not what he needs in 2014. What he needs in 2014 is an extended stay with the medical staff and lots of rest and rehab. That's it.