January 20, 2014

Is Sandy Alderson's Job Safe?

The folks over a ScoutingBaseball.com compiled a list of all the general managers in baseball and then tried to determine what level of job security each has.  The possible rankings from best to worst were as follows:

1) Ain't Getting Fired
2) Safe With Recent Success
3) Needs To Keep Winning
4) Safe, But Not Contending
5) Needs A Strong Year
6) On The Hot Seat

So, where do you suppose the Mets' own general manager, Sandy Alderson, landed on that list?  I was surprised to find Alderson ranked as low as "Needs A Strong Year."  His ranking also included the following explanation:
Among the most respected minds in baseball hasn’t quite cracked the nut of the Mets rebuild yet, but has some talent on the way. Like Terry Ryan, Alderson won’t be forced out but there is some need for results.
I understand why he's ranked this low, and in any normal baseball city under any normal situation it would be completely warranted. However in Queens under the current ownership group, I believe you could safely file him under "Ain't Getting Fired" without hesitation. As I've said before, Sandy Alderson wasn't imported to the Mets by Major League Baseball to win baseball games.  He was brought here to keep the franchise afloat and in the hands of Bud Selig's good friend, Fred Wilpon.

While acknowledging that Alderson won't be forced out of town, the list fails to mention that 2014 is the last guaranteed year on Alderson's current deal.  I don't envision any circumstance, to include one where the Mets win just 70 games this season, where the team's brass won't try to exercise its team option for 2015.  To be the real question is whether or not Alderson resigns..not whether he's ever fired. 

When considering his possible resignation, only then I believe results come into the play.  Having become the proverbial punching bag amongst many in the fan base, Alderson may have already had enough.  Why would he chose to ride this roller coaster a second longer than he has to if the results aren't there.  However if they are, he may be more than willing to ride it out in an attempt to prove his path of frugality can yield a winner. 

Sandy Alderson won't be fired.  Not now.  Not in the foreseeable future.  His job is safe..for as long as he wants it.

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