January 17, 2014

Ike Davis Has No Takers

Late yesterday evening, it was reported that the Milwaukee Brewers would soon sign Mark Reynolds to a minor league contract in an effort to fill their void at first base.  In doing so, the Brewers will acquire a 20 home run threat type of hitter and subsequently eliminate Milwaukee as a potential destination for Ike Davis.

Why would they do this you might ask?  Well for starters they won't have to part with any young talent to get him.  The Mets were asking for a promising young pitching prospect in return for Davis, who hasn't put up consistent power numbers that Reynolds has.  Could Davis be a better hitter in 2014? Absolutely.  Were the Brewers, or any other team for that matter, willing to place a large bet on Davis doing so?  Not even close.

This basically puts the exclamation point on the Mets' unsuccessful attempts to sign Davis, who despite having plenty of potential is not a risk anyone wants to take.  Therefore, he will almost certainly report to spring training next month where he will hope to reclaim the first base position. 

The Mets on the other hand may hope for some bad fortune in other places, which might create a late market for Davis.  Of course the team could chose to give him one final chance (which I believe to be the likely course of action), or ultimately cut him for roughly $600K.  Although no resolution to this situation jumps off the page, the Mets appear to have no other option than to deal with Davis internally.


  1. So depressed thinking of watching this guy stink up the place for months on end.

  2. Don't like this at all, but expected. What will the Mets do if he starts out 20-100 with 30k's? I'd cut him should that happen. Even if there is no one who could do better(at the moment) I don't think they can allow him this chance if he looks bad in spring training. Duda needs a chance from day 1, and if he busts, then I'd go to Flores, Satin, anybody else. I just don't see how Ike can be in the mix. Other people need chances. He's had his, in my opinion.