January 13, 2014

Has the Mets Off Season Been a Success So Far?

No, not really at all. If you are just reading the headlines about the moves they have made so far it appears that way with the signings of big bubba Bartolo Colon and the Grandy man.

However, if you take a minute to really crunch the numbers we have only effectively replaced Matt Harvey and Marlon Byrd. That being said the Mets lost 88 games which is good for 3rd place in the NL East. I am not even going to touch the acquisition of Chris Young the outfielder. I can't find a scout or writer anywhere that thinks he will have a bounce back season. Prove them wrong Chris, please. The only thing that has improved so far is the outfield defense but that isn't going to win more than a few games. The bullpen has lost a few pieces this off season who contributed positively and need to be replaced.

Now, a full healthy season out of David Wright will right the ship and it would be nice to see something powerful out of the combination of Ike and Duda but that is a gamble on both accounts. I am excited about the season regardless because those huge contracts resembling a monkey on Citi field's back are gone so there is more flexibility but there is still work to be done Sandy. Patience is key as the off season isn't over but it's a virtue I am not very good with in regards to this team.
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