January 24, 2014

Three Mets Prospects Land In MLB.com's Top 100

Another day and another prospect list!  This time is Major League Baseball's Jonathan Mayo ranked the top 100 prospects in major league baseball.  Three Mets made the cut and none are names that should catch you by surprise.

The highest name on the list should come as a surprise to no one.  Noah Syndergaard came in at number eleven on the list.  Anyone who's been paying any attention knows that Syndergaard is poised to be the next major prospect to make his debut.  He figures to challenge Matt Harvey for the role of ace on the staff.  If and when that time comes, it will be a good problem to have for the Mets.

Next up was Travis d'Arnaud, who managed the twenty-second spot.  Despite making an underwhelming debut last season, d'Arnaud will enter 2014 as a "rookie".  He'll assume the role as starting catcher out of spring training and will be off to the races.  Multiple outlets have pegged him as the best catching prospect in baseball, this list was no exception.

Finally was Rafael Montero, who fell all the way to eighty-fifth.  Lets not get crazy.  Montero is a strong prospect and figures to make his debut in 2014 as well.  Although his ceiling isn't as high as Noah Syndergaard, he projects as high as a number three in the rotation.  If he sticks, he could be right in the middle of what figures to be one of the best young rotations in baseball.

Despite just three prospects making the list, that still represented the eighth best total in all of Major League Baseball.  The front office has worked to renovate the farm system in recent years.  Syndergaard and d'Arnaud are part of the renovation.  These three players represent the best the young players the organization has to offer.  Beyond them is a bit of a drop off, but its important that the system is now regularly graduating talent to the major league level.  Young, premiere, afforable talent will be a benchmark of the New York Mets for years go come.  This list indicates that they remain on track to make that vision a reality.

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