January 19, 2014

Quintanilla Signing Doesn't Leave Mets Out On Drew

As reported here and just about everywhere else last night, the Mets signed shortstop Omar Quintanilla to a minor league deal yesterday.  If things stay the way they are now, Quintanilla figures to slot in behind Ruben Tejada at shortstop in 2014.

Some had asked if Q's acquisition means the Mets are moving on from any pursuit (no matter how lukewarm) of free agent Stephen Drew.  That's not the case according to a report by NewsDay, which believes the Mets "have not ruled out a short-term deal."  NewsDay also reports that the Mets are patiently waiting for Drew to find a long-term deal elsewhere, a deal that may never come if you believe reports from other outlets regarding the market for the best free agent shortstop available.

Quintanilla is not a starting shortstop at the major league level, despite having that role for the majority of 2013.  That said, the fact that his deal is minor league oriented, the team can easily send Q to Las Vegas in the event Stephen Drew does eventually find his way to Queens.  With that said, given the injury histories of both Drew and Tejada, the Quintanilla signing is a great depth move regardless of what happens from here to spring training.


Perhaps its just the blind optimism by one naive Mets fan, but I still think there is a decent change Drew ends up in Queens.  I don't believe there are five or six teams interested in Drew, as his agent Scott Boras reported.  I think this comes down to the Mets and the Red Sox, which team offers more playing time and which team ponies up more money.  Ultimately, I don't envision having an answer to that question until we're a week or two into spring training.

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